Titanic reveals tantalizing truths on the eve of centenary

Larger than life and bold as can be, 100 years on and the story around sinking of the Titanic is still as fascinating as ever a new book entitled Amazing & Extraordinary Facts: Titanic explores the most famous maritime disaster of the 20th century with a collection of facts and stories that will astound and amaze.

A unique and entertaining collection of facts surrounding the 100th Anniversary of the voyage of the Titanic, the book is filled to the brim with unusual facts about the iconic ship. Find accounts from passengers and crew; strange tales of jinxes; stirring accounts of heroism and cowardice; spectacular box-office triumphs and flops; the discovery of the wreckage and some truly bizarre salvage attempts.

Maritime expert Stuart Robertson’s research into the depths of the famous ship includes a wide range of sources to produce fascinating facts and intriguing tales from of fateful trip.

Brief, accessible and entertaining, Amazing & Extraordinary Facts: Titanic is the perfect for dipping into. Titanic is the latest in the Amazing & Extraordinary Facts series, joining a collection of releases commemorating 2012’s important events and ideas. March also sees the release of amazing and extraordinary Olympics. While amazing and extraordinary April will bring new titles on James Bond and the Steam Age.

Amazing & Extraordinary: Titanic (ISBN: 978446301944; RRP £9.99) is available from March 2012 from David & Charles Publisher.