Professional Crew Needed as Movie Extras

Ever wanted to be part of a major Hollywood film? Well here’s your big chance!

Paul Greengrass (director of The Bourne Supremacy and the Bourne Ultimatum, Greenzone and United 93) is directing a new film titled Maersk Alabama based on the Somali pirate hijacking of the container ship Maersk Alabama on 8 April 2009 — and they are looking for seafarers to take part!

The film stars Tom Hanks as Captain Richard Phillips of the Maersk Alabama and Catherine Keener as Andrea Phillips (the captain’s wife) and is being shot in Malta and Morocco between 5 March and 1 June 2012 (extras may not be needed the whole time).

If you are between 25 and 60 and would like to play one of the 20 crew members on the ship, send a picture of yourself, contact details, and a short summary about yourself (including qualifications and age) to

If you are able to email a video (not high tech, could be shot on a mobile phone) introducing yourself, speaking a bit about your life and career this would be even better.

All participants will be paid Equity rates and receive travel and accommodation costs. For more information contact Gemma Sykes, casting associate at Hubbard Casting on +44 (0) 207 631 4944 or email