Designers Collaborate to Produce Recreational Island

BMT Nigel Gee, a subsidiary of the BMT Group, is to collaborate with Henry Ward Design to develop a ‘Recreational Island’ that can extend the versatility of a superyacht

Measuring some 10m x 8m when deployed, the design concept is a folding, floating platform, which in its folded position can be stored in a tender bay of a large yacht.

Deployed using standard overhead tender cranes it can be towed by tender in its folded position to a preferred location – either into a shallow bay that the yacht cannot access, or simply to act as a stern extension to the yacht’s existing transom platform, thereby offering a large and flexible space for recreation, dining and relaxing. 

An option to configure the island for use as a portable helicopter landing platform is also being investigated, with such a feature allowing existing yachts with no landing facilities, or new designs to have a flexible facility on board, without the need to sacrifice valuable deck space.