Terrorists Generate Monster Killer Waves in New Thriller

“The Tsunami was barely a ripple, compared to Soliton,” says Roger Marshall while telling me about his new book in which terrorists generate monster killer waves

There are giant waves lurking at sea, they just don’t come ashore very often, according to a report by the European Space Agency. A high tide comes ashore in a Maine port, raising boats and then disappearing.

Then a giant wave, known as a Soliton, washes ashore and destroys part of a fleet of sailing yachts racing to Bermuda, killing Kate James’ husband of four months along with thousands of other people.

Kate sets out to find out what caused the waves and why a single giant wave could cause so much damage.

What Kate James finds in Soliton, is a sinister plot aimed at eliminating a large part of the world’s population and putting its resources under the control of a small cabal.

Kate travels to England, the Caribbean and back to the US tracking giant killer waves – and the entity behind them.

In a shattering climax, Kate and an old beau escape capture by the terrorists and set out to gain control of the largest of a fleet of wave-creating terror ships – just as the cabal are about to unleash a devastating string of solitons on an unsuspecting world.

Soliton has been published as an e-book (ISBN 978-0-9849713-0-5). Price: US $3.99.
The Kindle edition is available from Amazon.com.

Download chapter 1 of Soliton: