Silverline and Organic Furniture Designs for Superyachts

Since 1985 Silverlining has been creating bespoke furniture for superyachts, embassies, museums and private residences worldwide.

In the course of doing so they have won numerous awards and earned a reputation for the highest quality in the industry, innovative design, imaginative use of materials and exceptional craftsmanship.

Now there work has become the feature of an article in a book

Megayachts 2012 published by Boat International Media features a 10-page article charting the company’s approach to organic furniture design. The feature looks at some of the latest superyacht projects, completed by Silverlining (including Palladium), as well as more recent concept projects.

The article focuses on the future of yacht design and construction. It explores the “what-ifs” and the “why-nots?” in the minds of today’s international design and engineering professionals and look at where cutting edge materials can take us tomorrow with innovative techniques from the world’s best companies.  

In 2011 the books editor, Marilyn Mower, invited the design team to share their views on the future of organic design. In the article they discuss the history of the organic design, current examples and future potential.

Several concepts were created by the design team specially for the publication.

Download full article pdf


  1. Organische Muster sind wirklich einzigartig und nicht sperrig. Are they built last? cause i have doubts if organic furniture will last for long…

  2. Glad to see thoughtfully designed high end furniture. Building for the rigors of life at sea is a real challenge. I design organic furniture at my studio in Portland, Oregon. I feel that eco friendly furniture should be of the highest quality. Nothing is worse than taking great materials and ruining them with poor craftsmanship!

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