LY3 Details Announced

LY3 will, when it is launched at the Monaco Yacht Show in September 2012, incorporate many changes not least of which will be the inclusion of MLC 2006 substantialequivalence for crew accommodation.
Chapter 16, the section that deals with radio is to be totally rewritten and will bring new carriage requirements for all new yachts in line with GMDSS ‘sea area’ concept.
Existing yachts will be allowed to continue with distance from ‘safe haven’ but there will be an increasing of the reserve source of energy for Yachts <300GT from 1 to 3 hours.
All other amendments result from the MCA’s experience in applying LY2, Edition 2, Industry feedback, Accidents and the need to clarify some text and correct errors.
These will include:
Rules governing the carriage of Rescue Boats. Rescue boat and launching appliances will not now be allowed forward of the collision bulkhead and must be capable ofbeing launched down a flat section of the yachts hull.
Galley boundaries in yachts of <500 GRT will have to be rated B-15 and a fixed means of fire extinguishing in the galley exhaust duct will have to be fitted with shut downs located outside the space at risk.

Lint traps in laundry extract ducts will become a mandatory feature.
Underwater lights fitted in to the hulls of yachts will in future have to be of an approved type while any cabling for any critical system should not pass through high risk areas.
All new sailing yachts will be obliged to obtain a ‘Rig Design Certificate and all mast, spars and standing rigging will have to have reached Class standards.
All yachts will have to comply with Long-Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) regulations Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) will become compulsory for yachts over 150GT.

Emergency towing procedures will in future have to be included in the Ships Management System (SMS).
230mm between the deepest loaded waterline and the bottom edge of side shell door will become the new standard and there will be updates to other convention references.
There will be new and updated Polar region operational guidance’s, revised standards for over side working rails and directives on the carriage and use of Submersibles from a superyacht. Updates to maintain equivalence to SOLAS & Load Line conventions will be introduced and there will be new directives on the carriage of Oversize and Infant lifejackets.
While it is the hope of the MCA to issue the new code in time for Monaco no one can be quite sure that will happen.  

Before publication the Code has to pass several milestones among which are:
An assessment into the impact or cost of compliance changing the code will bring, has to be submitted to Department for Transport (DfT), then agreement to consult the public has to be sought from the Ministry.  There then follows a three-month public consultation during which responses gathered by Large Yacht Code Working Group will be considered.  After that the final draft code has to be re submitted and revised impact assessment passed to the Minister for his agreement before the launch at the Monaco boat show 2012 can be considered.
One thing is for certain. There will be a review to LY3 after 5 years during which the MCA will assess new developments and customer requirements along with other changes brought about by new technologies.
The most likely date for implementation of LY3 is January 2013.  So watch this Space!