Italy’s Marine Industry Calls for Government Rethink on Berthing Tax

Federagenti, Italy’s National Federation of agents, shipping agents and ship brokers is calling on the Italian government to rethink its strategy on the recently announced yacht berthing tax that is due to come into force on May 1st 2012.
The Italian organisation represents over 50 companies involved in the super yacht industry, working as yacht agents and service providers, is aggressively campaigning for an immediate review of the law along with other yachting associations that together represent marinas, shipyards, technical suppliers and nautical tourism.
While Federagenti supports the current Italian government’s new policies, it maintains that a careful review of the aspects of the new taxation related directly to the yachting industry must happen immediately and is lobbying heavily to ensure that such a review takes place before the law goes into effect.
It is requesting that the government make careful consideration of the important economic impact that the new taxation will have on the yachting industry and in turn how it will affect the Italian economy and the industries which support yachting in the country including marinas, fuel brokers, technical repair specialists, shipyards, provisioning companies and tourism.
Instead of a blanket tax on all yachts, Federagenti is suggesting that the law
  • Apply on an ownership basis rather than days spent in Italian waters
  • Be limited to a tax on Italian flagged vessels only
  • Exclude charter vessels

Federagenti claims it is taking these actions to promote the professionalism and recognition of its member companies and is striving to protect and promote nautical tourism in Italy that is a strategic and important aspect of the Italian economy.

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