Octopus or Tatoosh for Christmas

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s luxury yacht “Octopus” anchored outside the Gan island in Addu. Allen arrived at Gan International Airport today. HAVEERU PHOTO/ AHMED ADHSHAN
Weymouth is agog with newsthat a superyacht with a helicopter has anchored off the town over Christmas.
Is it Tatoosh?
Is she for sale?
If so for how much?
Does Paul Allen own her?
And finally why did he come to Weymouth for Christmas
The answer to the first four questions is yes and they are easy to answer because they are a matter of public record.  The last one is more difficult or would be were it not for a story published at the same time on a Web site published in the Maldive Islands.
It appears from that that Mr Allen did not choose the cold dank corner of the UK for Christmas but instead he joined his other yacht, which was in warmer climes.