Chartering Superyachts in the Maldives

In the beautiful island nation of the Maldives, you can find true splendour in every walk of life.
But what better way is there to marvel yourself in Mother Nature’s wonders, than cruising the pristine waters surrounding the 1,192 islands of the Maldives aboard a chartered yacht.
Sultan of The Seas is a locally based operator of superyachts and offers the chance to experience the Maldives the way it is meant to be. Their fleet consists of three Azimut.
Sultans Way 001 is an Azimut 98 Leonardo and Sultans Way 007 is a an Azimut 103S.  Each comfortably accommodate 10 sleeping guests while the baby of the fleet Sultans Way 006, an Azimut 98 Leonardo, carries 4.
With knowledge and great insight of the Maldives, the captains and crews will take you to places that you have only seen in your dreams before. Each yacht cruises at a speed of 30 knots.
Since the beginning of time, in the beautiful atoll paradise of the Maldives, people have been fishing for their livelihood. On board you can enjoy the different types of fishing in the Maldives.
Simply throw your bait and catch your fish on board or if you are more of a sportsman, enjoy big game fishing with your colleagues from the platform of the yacht. If you are craving to see the rich marine wonders of the Indian Ocean merely take the tender out to the reef.
No doubt you can catch glimpses of groupers and jacks, who would soon become your barbecue for the night. When night falls, you no longer have to become restless for morning to come for your next fishing adventure. The blue led lights of the yachts are ideal for night fishing too.
Guests to these  islands are frequently mesmerized by the striking palate of colours across the horizon. The blazing sunsets and turquoise lagoons are overwhelming.

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    The Maldives region has proven to be a superyacht vacation paradise and one of the best travel destinations in the world. This incredible over-water restaurant offers extraordinary views of the technicolor fish below and glorious sunsets on the horizon. Thanks a lot…

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