Rope That Glows in the Dark

Here is a new product that could find multiple uses on board a superyacht.

Using unique glow-in-the-dark technology it is now possible to coat ropes so that they glow in the dark.

A world first, is called Rope Cote and comes from Woolube Europe Ltd., who claim it is  not only unique, but is also the brightest and longest glow duration glow-in-the-dark rope system in the world.

Water resistant, Non radioactive, Lasts for years it is also, they claim, environmentally friendly

Uses include:
  • Spectra lifelines
  • Halyards, sheets & guys
  • Mooring lines
  • Tender painters
  • Towing lines

It will be great for night diving and safety guide ropes
Rope Cote has a cream like texture and is suitable for use on multiple types of rope.

It massages into rope fibres by hand and then after the excess is wiped away continuously and quickly self-charges in all forms of light.

It can glow in excess of 12 hrs with sufficient recharging
 and is said to glow longer and brighter than other systems

Water resistant, it uses a secret formulation from durable and environmentally friendly ingredients and claims to be the cheapest and best glow-in-the-dark rope system
 on the market.

Check it out at METS on stand 03.100

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