Superyacht Aviva Finally Leaves London

Finally after an almost unprecedented stay of six weeks the 62 metre SuperYacht Aviva has left her berth on London’s River Thames.

It has been reported in the newspapers that the owner is a Caribbean based businessman who has been in London seeking to buy the chain of pubs owned by Mitchells and Butlers.

Speculation is that, with Aviva sailing before a deal was struck, all bets are now off.

Buying pubs is clearly not something for the feint hearted to contemplate but he must have thought he was in with a chance because dockage on that stretch of the Thames works out at over £5000 per day and after six weeks that sum can nearly buy you a small apartment in the docklands area.

Add in the cost of pilotage and the running costs of the yacht estimated by some as £20,000 a day and you might even get one with a bedroom or two.

See the post dated 27th August 2011


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