Buy One Get One Free

To the best of my knowledge Sunreef Yachts have never used BOGOF as a marketing tool but when you come to think about it, they might just get away with it.

Sunreef is a company in Poland that builds twin hulled catamarans and with every port hull you always get a starboard one attached!

They have brought us out to Gocek to see not one but two of their big cats.  The impressive Che at 34.7 metres and the slightly smaller Ipharra at just 31 metres.

Che is a boat built for relaxing.  Custom designed for a couple seriously keen on world wide cruising, she was shown to the public at the Cannes Boat Show last month and attracted a lot of attention.

What makes her special is the owners requirement to use the main deck as home to a huge galley which sits inside its glass box behind the bridge.

Clearly this is an owner who believes the kitchen is the heart of the home.

Ipharra on the other hand is built for a totally different reason and in fact spends some of her time as the school ship to Le Rosey and exclusive boarding school in Switzerland.

As a result this yacht has a classroom on the bridge deck and bunk bedded cabins to carry ten students.

We went sailing in Ipharra cruising the waters around Gocek and quite see the attraction of the place.

We will be writing about our experiences in some of the many magazines we write for.

Both yachts can be chartered through Sunreef Charters