Definitive Book on the Americas Cup Re Published

When the first print run of Bob Fisher’s definitive history of the America’s Cup sold out, there were disappointed sailing enthusiasts around the globe. Now, with interest mounting in the 34th America’s Cup, publishers Wiley Nautical have announced a new limited print run.
The publishers believe there to be a constant demand for this exceptional work.

The first editions were never available from bookshops or online yet they sold out so quickly that they decided to reprint and make the books available to everyone, everywhere.
The mighty tomes of this two-volume set come in a cloth-bound slip case and will take pride of place on any yachtsman’s coffee table. Yet this is not just a collection of the paintings and photographs that track the cup since its origins in 1851.

Author Bob Fisher has produced an work of staggering breadth and detail. He has had unique access to the archives as well as the men and women who have fought on and off the water to win sailing’s greatest prize.
The print run has been limited to 200 copies, and the size, quality and scarcity of this lavish book is reflected in the recommended price of £250, though bookshops and online stores may offer discounts.
About the book:
The first volume chronicles the Cup from the start of the competition in 1851 through to 1967. Bob Fisher has left no stone unturned in producing an objective and authoritative account of each event. The evolution of the America’s Cup is carefully tracked, with the characters, the designs and the races themselves all sharing centre stage. Just as boat speed must be combined with tactical skill to succeed on the water, so scholarship and carefully crafted prose are united in this exceptional work.
The second volume follows the extraordinary events between 1970 and 2003. There’s the inside story on the court cases and personality clashes as well as the cutting edge designs and thrilling battles between the world’s greatest sailors.

The tale is told up to the 32rdAmerica’s Cup which marked the end of an era and the returning of the cup to Europe for the first time in 152 years.
This fully illustrated title includes the paintings and artwork that recorded the action of the first cups as well as some of the finest photography from subsequent years. It all combines to create an achievement that is breathtaking in both its breadth and detail.

The two volumes, each of more than 260 pages, are presented in an elegant cloth-bound slip case, making this a work that will be treasured for generations to come.
About the author:
Bob Fisher is the world authority on the America’s Cup. He has unrivalled access to both the archives and the multi-millionaires who continue to pursue the cup with a passion. He is yachting correspondent for the Guardian and Observer and writes for sailing magazines worldwide. He is a former chairman of the Yachting Journalists Association. Bob is well-loved by American Cup sailors and sponsors around the globe and has unrivalled connections throughout the sport.
  • RRP£250
  • ISBN: 978-0-470-51612-6
  • 544 pages
  • Clothbound 2 volume set with a slipcase