Superyacht Refit Group launches Code of Practice

The Superyacht Refit Group within the International Council of Marine Industry Association (ICOMIA) has launched a Code of Practice setting out values and practices that members must abide by.

The association seeks to bring certainty back into refit by ensuring that their yard members develop and maintain relationships, performance and confidence. 

The Code of Practice sets out the values and practices of the group. Certain client issues are mandatory, such as insurance, warranty, transparency, environmental practices and customer satisfaction.

Strict adherence to the Code demands considerable dedication on behalf of each member. Being able to commit to the Code requires significant investment in human resources and infrastructure something that members of the group see as setting them apart

Remarkable progress has been made during the two years the group has been in existence building on the cooperation between the groups seven members who include:
  • Amico & Co
  • Astilleros de Mallorca
  • Composite Works
  •  International Technic Marine
  • Marina Barcelona 92
  • Monaco Marine
  • Rybovich
 “By showing leadership, the ICOMIA Superyacht Refit Group will continue to improve the quality and certainty of the refit sector,” said Bob Wagemakers the groups Chairman.

In addition to the new Code of Practice, the Group offers clients standard framework contracts that has been developed by international marine lawyers, which addresses matters such as performance, subcontracting, redelivery, liability, warranty and insurance matters

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