Superyacht Brokerage Houses See Changes in Top Personnel

It would appear that the boardrooms of some superyacht companies are about to see changes in the line up of directors.
Inside sources have confirmed to us that both Edmiston and Camper and Nicholsons are shortly to announce changes in top personnel.
At Edmiston, Mark Connel is to take up the position of CEO having joined the company three weeks ago.  A former Captain in the British Army were he served for seven years dealing with counter-terrorism, Connel has also worked for the high street newspaper distributors, W. H. Smith and was more recently CEO of Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton Inc, USA a company he joined in 1999.
At CNI it appears, if sources are to be believed, that George Nicholson is about to take up the reins once again as Jillian Montgomery suddenly steps down from the role of CEO and an unnamed executive from the parent company, French luxury boat builder Rodriguez Group, joins the board.  
The news follows the recent departure from CNI of Toby Walker, their former Director of Sales, who has joined Dubois Yachts in Lymington as Managing Director and Former Director of US Operations at CNI, Jeff Beneville who recently left the company to join YCO as Executive Vice President of US Operations.  Last September, charter brokers Hume Jones, Nick Heming and Tamsin Priestley all left CNI for YCO.