Sail Power Proves More Popular Than Horse Power

Ethereal uses a hybrid electric-diesel propulsion system and lithium batteries that charge when the yacht is under sail
Are classic sailing yachts becoming more popular than their motor yacht rivals?
Figures are suggesting that maybe owing to economic and environmental conditions people are making a move from motor to sail.
2010 saw sailing yacht sales almost double 2009’s figures say yachting brokers YPI Group.
William Bishop explains, “Being at sea on a sailing yacht is an entirely different experience to being on a motor yacht. Sailing yachts allow you to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. There are few people not captivated by the beauty and grace of a sailing yacht gliding into anchorage at sail. They slice through the water so the only noise you hear is the wind and the sea and the sound of nature itself. For many, sailing is being a part of what is around you…not an observer.”
Whether you’re looking for the exhilaration that comes from taking a super yacht charter on a carbon 100′ yacht or are keen to sail in complete comfort on a large J-Class whilst taking a crewed yacht charter around the Mediterranean, there are some great sailing vessels on the market at stunning prices in 2011.
With the world becoming increasingly more eco-minded coupled with the current economic climate, more customers are leaning towards sailing vessels as opposed to fuel hungry motor yachts.
“Sailing yachts tend to be more economical to run than motor yachts,” explains Bishop. “It doesn’t matter how much money you are worth, money saved on fuel is money that can be enjoyed elsewhere. They are also environmentally responsible. They use wind power, they recycle and store energy.
Ethereal, for example, uses a hybrid electric-diesel propulsion system and lithium batteries that charge when the yacht is under sail. And these innovations come without any need for compromise on the luxury of the experience onboard.”
Gone are the days of cramped quarters and hard manual rope work! Yachts such as the Windrose and Vanquest offer sumptuous living conditions and considerable space for those onboard.
Most come with state of the art entertainment and communication equipment and with extra quarters for an onboard crew your time is better spent enjoying yourself on your very own crewed yacht charter.
All sail yachts have engines so they don’t have to rely on the wind.  Most super sailing yachts can motor up to speeds of 10 knots.

There also exists the hybrid between sail and motor yachts. Motorsailers give owners and guests the freedom to cruise the yacht either under sail or under power at even greater speeds, as well as offering more deck space than traditional sail yachts and increased storage for water sports equipment.
Widely respected as one of the industries foremost yacht charter brokers, YPI Group have a large portfolio of luxury sailing yachts available for a crewed yacht charter or sale.