Where are the Super Yachts at the Abu Dhabi Yacht Show this year?

Just a handful of superyachts have made it to the Abu Dhabi Yacht Show, now underway at Yas Marina. Last year, there were 34 lining the docks.
Piracy and regional unrest have both plagued the show this year with show organizers the Informa group blaming the high cost of insurance premiums
Add in the political instability surrounding the Arabian Gulf States at the moment, with the unrest in Bahrain still smouldering and it is easy to see why many people are staying away from the show.
In January, the organisers were confidently predicting between 20 yachts over 30 metres would attend the show.

Palmer Johnson was planning to bring one 46-metre yacht and a 41-metre yacht to the show from the Mediterranean, but subsequently decided against it.
They said that underwriters were unclear on whether insurance would even fully cover the costs if superyachts were lost to piracy.
Regulations, and excessive red tape, including visa regulations and procedures for importing superyachts, have also deterred visitors and exhibitors alike.

We would love to hear from visitors to the show.  If you have attended, please comment below.

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