Thailand: My Favourite Superyacht Destination

by Summer Osterman, Charter Broker, Burgess, Miami
The stunning aquamarine waters of Thailand boast some of the most exotic and interesting cruising experiences worldwide. 
A series of serene bays along the western coast play host to an amazingly vast array of visually fascinating marine life, often perfectly displayed with sparking visibility and offering world class snorkelling and diving.  The breathtaking scenery creates a mystical backdrop with limestone pinnacles rising from crystalline waters and ancient temples dotting the coast. 
A special energy prevails within this beautiful “zenvironment” whose culture has long been recognized for their wellness and massage practices.  Thailand’s seafood and produce selections are phenomenal and chefs often consider this an opportunity to deliver exquisite culinary masterpieces infused with fresh aromatic herbs and spices. 
A buzzing nightlife exists along some beaches and presents the opportunity to interact with what is highly regarded as one the warmest and friendliest cultures worldwide.  One could alternatively choose to anchor in a tranquil bay without another boat in sight.
These marriages of adventure and indulgence, exploration and relaxation, stimulation and seclusion – they all come together to create what I think is an ultimate charter destination. Charter guests can choose their own blend of these qualities and customize their daily lifestyle experience as they wish amongst this multitude of options.
Lastly, I have never seen a more beautiful sunset than in Thailand…  In fact, my top 5 sunsets might have all occurred in Thailand.