BlueOceanYachting Launches Global Yachting Portal

BlueOceanYachting is a Global Yachting Portal, the first of it’s kind. 
Aimed at the global yachting community its owners are creating the first online home for Yachting. 
With the maritime community covering the entire globe to date there is not one Online resource that combines it all.
The hope is for BlueOceanYachting to build over time, with new apps and more and more maritime related content being added all the time.
BlueOceanYachting will then become the single resource available to all corners of the Globe.
Creating one home for all of Yachting online also creates the opportunity for business and individuals to all come together.
Communal share of information, yachting news, new designs and ideas can all be shared under one roof!
So join in, contribute and be a part of the new home for Yachting Online.