My Favourite Place: French Polynesia

Debra Blackburn Charter Specialist Fraser Yachts.
God certainly was smiling on French Polynesia when he created this group beautiful group of islands.  The sparkling blue waters that surround them are so clear, they remind me of a swimming pool.
One of my favourite activities out there is to go swimming with the huge manta rays who clearly are, very tame and enormously enjoy being hand fed.  These huge fish with the colossal wingspan are just like pets rushing up to you, pushing their fellows away to get every morsel of fish you hold out to them, they mean no harm as they gently nibble at your fingers and toes while you feed them.
The island people are kind and gentle, always smiling and glad to see you.  They are happy to dance the traditional dances of Tahiti and love instructing visitors on how to do it too.
Cruising in this area offers unique opportunities too.  Water sports are encouraged and are plentiful with opportunities as diverse as from hopping on a wave runner in a deserted bay in Bora Bora to world class diving and snorkeling in Moorea along with some of the best kite boarding ever experienced.  The area is so good for kite boarding that many of my clients travel back to yachts chartering in these islands year after year, just to experience the awesome kiting on offer, and they seem never to tire of the fun this high adventure sport offers. 
Use Moorea as a starting point.  There are several great yachts available in the area and it pays to find one whose Captain and crew have been cruising these waters for some time.  This is the sure fire way of ensuring that they know this area well, and are able to share all the best locations for diving, fishing and kiting with you.
Be sure to visit the island of Huahine with its many excellent anchorages. It hosts many fun activities including deep-sea fishing, diving, hiking, horseback riding and cycling. One of the main attractions is a bridge that crosses a small stream full of ells some 3-6 foot (1.8m) long, which are deemed to be sacred by the local people.  Circle the island in the yachts tender taking a picnic lunch with you and afterwards visit the small local village for some souvenir shopping you will be glad you did.
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