Is it Time That Superyacht Stews Were Better Trained?

There has long been a feeling within the super yacht industry that the crew members with the most direct contact with owners and guests (and therefore the greatest potential to enhance or ruin the experience that they have on their yacht), have the least training.

When it comes to training Interior crews, have been largely neglected, despite having contributed hugely to the recent success of the Superyacht Charter Industry.
While well developed programmes of training now exist to support the deck and engineering departments makes the neglect of the humble stew all the more regrettable.
All may be put to rights now that a workshop organised by the Professional Yachtsmen’s Association (PYA) and sponsored by Bluewater Yachting and John Percival Marine Associates (JPMA) is to discuss the setting up of a standardized training scheme.
The by invitation only seminar will take place in the conference tent at the Antibes Yacht Show at 1530 on the 7th of April 2011.
It is hoped that this will, in time, lead to establishing a training structure for Yacht Hospitality crews along the same lines as those, which exist for other departments.
While not mandatory it is hoped that by setting an industry standard for training providers to work to, they will better serve the needs of the yachting fleet.
Instead of dozens of separate courses, with different titles, different lengths, different content and different standards, we propose that there be one unified structure, managed and kept relevant to the needs of the industry by regular consultation.
Chief Stewards, Stewardess or Captains who would like to attend, are invited to contact the PYA office.  They plan to send all attending an invitation and two specimen course definitions to read in advance.