French Riviera Superyacht App for Smartphones

Riviera Escape is the first French Riviera yacht charterer guide to become available as a stand alone app for the iPhone, iPad or Android phones.
Produced by Charterminute it is an independent Mediterranean superyacht charter portal that offers a selection of crewed yachts for charter.
It can be used to find charter deals and enjoy the most competitive charter rates, to book inclusive charter package with confidence, take part in the most prestigious Mediterranean sailing races, or wow guests with the fastest Mangusta in St Tropez.

Charterer, boater and travellers can now all browse their favourite destination guide, take advantage of last minute deals, explore the Connoisseur guide, or browse the beach guide.

Key Features
  • What’s on
  • Riviera People
  • Latest events
  • New openings
  • Crazy gadgets
  • Top yacht charter
  • Top Riviera Beach guide from Monaco to St Tropez
  • Anchorage information