Could Jersey Law Be Changed so that Superyachts Can Fly the Islands Defaced Red Ensign

With the Red Ensign conference in May being held in Jersey there are moves afoot that could see the islands registry able to register superyachts.

On the agenda for the body of 13 Crown dependencies and overseas territories that can register vessels under the Red Ensign flag, is the proposal for a law change which could allow large vessels to register in Jersey.

Piers Baker, the Registrar for Shipping, said it could benefit the finance industry adding “There are a number of companies that are linked to Jersey’s finance industry who handle the assets of high net worth individuals.

“This is an important part of Jersey’s expertise.

So, by taking more superyachts onto our Flag we would increase the work for the finance industry and other related industries in the Island.”

Already ships that register in Jersey can fly the defaced Red Ensign flag which features the three leopards and the Plantagenet Crown and reflects Jersey’s strong links with the British Crown.