With Oman Air Flying is almost a Pleasure

Do you remember the time when flying long haul in economy class was not an experience to be forgotten?  Do you remember when all the cabin crew were helpful, polite and friendly?
Remember the hot towel, the printed menu and the little comfort pack with socks, mask, earplugs, a toothbrush and toothpaste.
All gone now, swept away by a brigade of money pinching accountants who think passengers are cattle and should be treated that way. Well not quite! At least not on Oman Air.
We have just flown out and back to Oman with the airline and it was a revelation, a step back in time. The courteous and ever helpful staff are even under 60 and heaven help us, they gave service with a smile!  The seats were comfortable and the legroom adequate.  Even the TV screen in the back of the chair in front was big enough to actually enjoy watching the on demand films.
Eat your heart out British Iberia Airways these aircraft have WiFi Internet from Inmarsat and you can use your mobile phones to call home or send text messages.
How very refreshing to learn that there is still one airline who values the custom of the economy class traveller.  There has been so very little in the past to differentiate one airline from another to the point that as travel writers we could not make a recommendation as to who to fly.  Now we are not so sure.
Flying will never be fun in the back of the plane but Oman Air ensure the experience is the best it can be.
What is business and first class is like? Sadly we did not have the chance to find out for ourselves on this trip perhaps next time……..

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