Visiting Oceanco to see Y708

It may have been cold and grey in Holland but there was great excitement in the air as we stood among the owner’s VIP party watching the hull of a brand new superyacht see light of day for the very first time.
We were very privileged to be the only journalists invited to witness the occasion when the hull of the new Oceanco project Y708 was moved slowly from the builder’s shed at Krimpen.
She was loaded onto a heavy lift barge using a Self Propelled Module Trailer (SPMT) itself weighing 252 tons.  Onto it was the hull weighing 950 tons and it, was sitting inside shipping cradles weighing 80 tons.  The weight of the entire contraption was spread over trailers possessing between them, a total of 224 wheels.
The barge moved its precious cargo to the Oceanco facility at Alblassendam.  Here the aluminium superstructure sat, in two parts, on the quay waiting to be fitted to the hull.
Once done the yacht was then moved inside the covered sheds to lay alongside her sister ship Y707.
Y708 is 86.6 metres overall.  Her exterior is the inspirational work of the young Russian designer Igor Lobanov while the interior will be completed by industry veteran Albert Pinto the genius behind Alfa Nero

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