Superyacht Reorganisation Explained

Just in Case You Were Wondering
Azimut Benetti recently announced that it was to make major internal changes to the way the group was organised and who things would in future be run.
It announced that the group would be divided into 3 main lines of business: Yachts (boats up to 30 metres), Megayachts (boats over 30 metres), and Yachtique (strategic services for the owner).
That left everyone wondering where Fraser Yachts and its subsidiary The Crew Network was going to be pigeonholed.
Would it be under Megayachts (surly as Europeans they mean Superyachts) or under Yachtique the all embracing services arm of the company?
Well I can now reveal it is the later.  Patrick Coote head of Marketing has confirmed:
  • The Crew Network is part of Fraser Yachts
  • Fraser Yachts is part of Yachtique.
  • Paolo Casani is President of Yachtique
  • He is backed up by Luca Christino as General Manager.
  • Hein Velma remains CEO of Fraser Yachts
Vincenzo Poerio, long-time CEO of Benetti for the past 18 years, heads up the Megayachts division.
Clear now?  If not This may help to explain: