Tunisia and the Future of Superyachts

The political situation in Tunisia is grabbing all the headlines but the future for superyachts seeking to cruise the coastline and visit the ports remains a very viable option.  Tim Morley who acts for yachting in Tunisia says that the situation has led to some positive outcomes already.

The immediate removal of all internet censorship allows access to sites that were previously blocked in Tunisia, such as YouTube.  Time will tell what other positive repercussions will come out of it.

There are already plans to quickly bring together a group of companies that want to see the continued positive development of maritime activity in Tunisia, and as a ‘federation’ to employ a lobbyist to ensure that the new Ministers are aware of the potential of the yachting industry for employment and the local economy. 

It is hoped that the advantages of cruising the coast from Tabarka to Djerba could become even easier if administration is further reduced due to a less ‘paranoid’ government. By the end of 2011 yachts will be able to enjoy the new port facilities (Bizerte and Gammarth) which are very close to Sardinia; as well as inexpensive fuel, and low cost shipyard services.  Tunisia should be on the cruising plan for many yachts in 2012.

It is easy to look at the images of riot police beating the protesters and think Tunisia is a dangerous place, but Tim Morley insists: “having lived there for a year I can tell you that the people of Tunisia are a peace loving population with no experience of war or weapons.  They are very keen to get back to the peaceful way of life that has been enjoyed in Tunisia for decades, just without Ben Ali at the helm.”

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  1. I have friends who run Yacht Services in Port Yasmine who tell me that the port is untouched. Hopefully, all will soon stabilise and Tunisia will indeed be an even better place for yachts. I’m certainly a big fan of the place and we’ve had our yachts there on a number of occasions.

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