Heading to Oman

We are off to Oman travelling there with a view to writing about cruising the Country’s dramatic and seldom visited coastline and off shore islands.  The trip has been organised for the British Guild of Travel Writers a body we are proud to serve as members of the executive committee.
Getting to Oman could not be easier with our travel hosted by Oman Air, the only airline to offer daily direct flights from London Heathrow to Muscat
In the last two years, Oman Air has undergone dramatic and highly visible change.  It has been transformed from a small regional carrier into an award-winning international airline, offering the essence of Omani culture and hospitality.
Just two years ago, airline was a regional Middle East carrier with a fleet of ageing Boeing 737s, a network of just over 20 destinations and a reputation as the poor relation of other Gulf operators. Two years on, the airline has a fleet of Airbus A330 aircraft, a refreshed B737 fleet, an international network of over 40 destinations and a growing reputation as a pioneering carrier.
During our journey, we were able to enjoy the redesigned menus, surprising amounts of legroom and all the latest technology, including mobile phone and Wi-Fi connectivity – a world first.
Believe it or not it is now possible to use the Internet to find out more about your destination – and to book your onward flights – whilst you are flying there.
The introduction of full in-flight connectivity now offers the same range of communications opportunities in the air as we have come to expect on the ground.
The in-flight entertainment system is rather superior offering music, movies, games and live satellite TV. You can also plug your own iPod, iPad, laptop, games console, smart phone or camera into the seatback monitor for a personalised IFE experience that kept everyone entertained for hours.
Birds are not the only things that can tweet in the sky. With Oman Air’s inflight connectivity, those members so inclined, kept their followers updated on travel progress.
Oman Air is the only airline to offer daily direct flights from London Heathrow to Muscat, with prices starting from £351 return, including all taxes. Tickets can be booked, online at www.omanair.com and offers online check-in for added convenience.

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