There are deals to be done if you want a new Superyacht

Superyacht shipyards around the world have been announcing a flurry of new contracts and there appears to be demand in every size range of yachts.
According to Fraser Yachts there is also demand for very large yachts, 80 metres and above, but since buyers are shopping at every yard the signals from the market might only represent a very small number of real clients.
Although the demand is recovering, the capacity is still at least three times the demand. This means that in the years ahead, shipyards and suppliers will continue to face some difficult times.
Shipyards are willing to take on challenging and even risky projects to fill up their build sheds. Potential buyers can benefit from some great deals, but they need to proceed with caution and must ensure they seek professional advice before committing to a particular yard.
The financial aspect of any contract must be structured in such a way as to protect the client in the event of any future financial difficulties the yard may face.