Revelling in luxury in Jumby Bay

Look on any official map issued by the Antigua Barbuda Tourism Authority and you will see it is called Long Island. 
To well heeled travellers and the cognisant it is better known as Jumby Bay Island, home to one of the most palatial and luxurious resorts in the Caribbean. It is also a naturalist’s haven noted for its lush landscape, stately palm trees, protected nesting site for the endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtle and three superb beaches.
Nestled two miles off the coast of Antigua, set on a 300-acre private island, the resort run by Rosewood casts a spell of serene enchantment.  It is the most perfect place to repair to after an exhausting week exploring superyachts available for charter.
The island has been claimed by royalty, possessed by smugglers, and in 1915, owned by an unusually free-spirited, pipe-smoking woman.  Now it is a secluded and all-inclusive hideaway accessible only by private boat from the mainland or by superyacht.  
The resort has just 40 beautifully refurbished rooms and suites, each suite an oasis of luxury embodying the island’s stylish good taste. The rest of the island has small collection of privately owned luxury villas and estates some available for rent through Jumby Bay.
We revelled in luxury in a Rosewood Estate Suite. 
This gorgeous one-bedroom suite is huge, light, bright and airy with fabulous views across its own private infinity-edge pool to the Caribbean Sea.
A private courtyard, with pottery fountain and separate office, leads into the vaulted ceiling, spacious and comfortable living room. The huge and very comfortable bed in the master bedroom begs to be enjoyed for long luxurious lie-ins. 
A dressing area and large bathroom with indoor shower lead off here and in to the garden in a secluded walled courtyard.  This outdoor area includes a large rain shower and our favourite feature, a deep pedestal tub for wallowing under the stars.

With your own pool, big comfortable sun loungers, huge flat screen TV, iPod dock, fridge filled with drinks, a Nespresso coffee machine and in-room dinning you need never leave your private haven.
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