Superyachts Buy Motorised Sharks

Superyacht Captains are buying high-speed shark shaped speedboats in a bid to make their own yachts stand out in an ever-increasingly competitive superyacht charter yacht market place.
High speed Seabreacher boats shaped as sharks and dolphins that can flip and dive are catching on quickly as the new must have toy to be carried aboard superyachts.
The scary looking craft are beginning to give the humble jet ski a run for its money as they cause quite a stir in anchorages around the world as they leap out of the water and dive back down under the surface.
Seabreachers are described as the ultimate diving machine but the fact is they dive no deeper than five feet or so below the surface.  The company that markets them is Rob Innes and Dan Piazza founded Innespace in 1997.
They began as a design and development company specialising in high performance submersible watercraft.
Rob is a New Zealand boat builder with fifteen years experience in boat design and manufacturing he has a management degree from Auckland University and a composite engineering diploma from Unitech University.  Partner Dan Piazza is a certified machinist with over twenty years of experience in custom fabrication and engineering.
Together they designed and built numerous submersible watercraft for recreational and demonstration use. The company continues to lease their original Dolphin as well as their newer Shark shaped monster for event demonstrations, commercial promotions, and television shows.