Superyacht Crew Placements are Rising

After a two year period of very high fluctuations in crew placement there are now signs of more stability in this sector of the industry. Crew Placements are rising and Captains are hiring again as their budgets stabilize.  These fluctuations have greatly impacted the CVs of huge numbers of crew candidates.  When we send details of candidates to Captains and owners we’re advising them not to pay too much attention to what the applicants have (or more to the point, have not) undertaken during 2009. Last year was a tough time, even for some of the most qualified and experienced crew members.  Great people were being laid off around the world; yet more victims of the financial crisis.  Gaps in their CVs and short periods of unemployment should not necessarily be viewed in a negative light. Crew Agents The Crew Network which is part of the Fraser Yachts Group believe that the employment record over the last 18 months should be seen to be indicative of their abilities, competence or dedication