Super Yachts Seek Last Minute Charter Bookings

Brokers selling superyacht charters at Fraser Yachts that can be taken in July and August this year are offering attractive deals.  As expected, bookings for summer charters have been coming in very late this year.  A good number of yachts are now offering very attractive packages to try and attract some last minute clients.  Most superyacht owners started off by adding value to the charter price, including relocation fees or other on-board services.  In recent weeks, as the season marches on, this has switched to the offering of straight discounts being, sometimes up to 35% off the standard rates.  A large proportion of the charter bookings this year have only been signed a few weeks prior to the start date when the guests board the yacht.  To have a complete picture of this summer’s charter season brokers will have to wait until the end of July when direct comparisons between 2009 and 2010 will be available.