Super Yacht Sales Average One a Day

June 2010 saw a very active market with an average of one yacht (over 24m) being sold each day of the month.  This is a continuation of the steady sales that we experienced in the previous months too.  They are selling, but only at the right price but this is seen by many as positive news; however the market is still dominated by buyers who are keen to seek out great deals, spoilt for choice and unwilling to pay anything more than is absolutely necessary.  The yachts sold recently were competitively priced but the owners still had to accept much lower offers than they hoped for.  Against earlier expectations the price level is still very low. It is clearly still a good time to find a yacht for a great price.  Current expectations are that the superyacht brokerage market will see a dip in the summer and will rebound when the boat show season starts in September.  With yachts changing hands things are looking up for crew seeking jobs.