Postcard App for Superyacht Use

Superyacht guests lazing on the sundeck, jumping into the water or crews working on deck can now say ‘wish you were here’ with a brand new picture postcard service provided as a free download by eCards Media.

Whether cruising of the Cote d’Azur or passing through the Suez Canal, the Postcards app captures your image on iPhone and Android smart phones, sending it to the folks back home by conventional post.

Already one of the Apple website’s top 30 apps in their ‘free stuff’ travel section, the free ‘Postcards’ download lets users take a photo or upload from their library and input text to family and friends. It costs 99p to send second class and £1.49 to send first class postcards anywhere in the world, processed via PayPal.

The worldwide postcards are sent to a printing firm in deepest, darkest Dorset via file transfer protocol (FTP) at 4pm every day. They are then run off using state-of-the-art Xerox printers and collected for dispatch by Royal Mail at 5.15pm the same day.

eCards Media Managing Director Sam Heaton said: ‘Best of all, with next day delivery, the Postcard gets home before you do – no more waiting round for weeks for friends to read about what you got up to on holiday.

To download the Postcard application for your iPhone, head to the iTunes Store and search for ‘Postcards’ or click onto this.