MYBA Charter Yacht Show in Genoa: Day 2

Day two of the show and the skies had opened and it poured with rain very little relief all day. We felt so sorry for the crew who stood out in the rain all day to greet visitors and constantly having to wipe down every surface so that their yachts remained looking stunning even in the rain.

First yacht to catch our eye was one that was capitalising on just that feature of the show. Captain Heimo Tauern is both the master and manager of Anedigmi the wide bodied 50 metre yacht that was built back in 1993 as Achiever. He had chosen to use some of his charter marketing budget to hire two actors whose job it is to stage a live tableau on the stern swim platform in order to grab the attention of passing brokers. Yesterday they were dressed to enjoy the weather sunbathing and fishing today it was sou’westers and deck mops, as the tableau mirrored the job of the real life crew. Anedigmi is available for charter through Fraser Yachts.

Beside her Zoom Zoom Zoom is also commanded by a charismatic German speaking Captain. Heinz Krodel and his charming wife Marinella work aboard this yacht brought to the charter market by the International Yacht Collection. Heinz told us he already has three weeks of charter booked for this summer and thinks the season will once again be a long hard slog dominated by last minute decisions. He did however suggest that the dramatic discounting of last year might not be copied again. “The good yachts have learned that is not really necessary and maybe it is only the desperate who will repeat that folly” he says.

Our day continued in the rain with visits to the massive sailing yachts of Montigne available for charter through Ocean Independence and Queen of Andaman whose central agent is Thierry Voisin. Both offer extraordinary amounts of internal and external space more usual aboard motor yachts than super sailing yachts available for charter.

Jamaica, Cuba, Columbia and Brazil are not normally to be found as destinations of the average charter yacht but Golden Compass is not that average and she has just returned from all four. She will be based for this season in the Mediterranean starting in the west and making her way slowly through to the east from where she will head for the Indian Ocean for the winter. Catch her through the International Yacht Collection.

The premier social event yesterday was the by invitation only, MYBA Gala Dinner held, like last year, at the Villa Lo Zerbino. 
With Captains, charter brokers, charter managers, exhibitors, media and other invited guests all in evening dress it was a glamour and successful event for networking and playing. Sadly with the rain predicted it had to be held mostly indoors, a shame, as the garden is spectacular. Some of us left before midnight but the young in age and heart will undoubtedly have continued to party into the wee hours.

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