Superyacht Captains Praise Marina at Pearl-Qatar

Writing in the Gulf Times Peter Townson reports that with the ongoing development of the Pearl-Qatar, more and more visitors are bringing superyachts into marina.

Recent visitors have included: the 47.5m Ellix Too with her distinctive red hull, and the 74m Silver Zwei.

Jaume Marco, general manager of Ronautica, the Spanish company that manages the marina said: “These superyachts are now regularly coming here, which was not possible until one year ago.”

Johnathon Stansfeld the Captain of Ellix Too, is quoted as saying his crew’s stay in Qatar as “extremely enjoyable so far,” explaining that they have relished the chance to get out and about and see a bit of the country and it is really interesting to get to see such a different culture.”

He described the security as very good but did describe some of the regulations related to mooring in Qatar as slightly time-consuming, he said he believed things would be made easier in the future.

Rowan Peake 
Captain of Silver Zwei said in an interview with the newspaper that his yacht has been travelling throughout the Gulf for several months with their next destinations to be Bahrain and Kuwait before returning to Doha.

He said that this was the yacht’s third visit to the marina, and that the crew will be staying for another three or four days.

Peake described the marina as “one of my favourite sports,” claiming to be impressed by the security and friendliness of the staff.