Journalist Gets to see the Super Yacht A

Wall Street Journal Journalist Gets Exclusive Insight into very private Superyacht

The Wall Street Journal has published an article all about the Superyacht A owned by the Russian Andrey Melnichenko.

Written by Robert Frank the article talks of fingerprint security systems, a 240 square metre master suite wrapped in bomb-proof, 44-milimeter glass, a king-sized bed that rotates with the press of a silver button and another suite that features white circular bed with padded walls and a ceiling-mounted TV.

It is this aspect of the story that has been taken up by other journalists among them, Tony Allen-Mills who writes in the Sunday Times all about somewhere he refers to as the yachts nookie room.

The articles make fascinating reading but it is not made clear in either of them why a notoriously private superyacht owner and one who requires crew to sign confidentiality agreements should allow a journalist on board in Barbados.