Can Super Yachts Rescue Passenegers Stranded in France?

The Dunkerque Spirit Lives On

The Dunkerque Spirit seems to live on as Superyachts and other yachts are given the all clear to rescue vitims of the volcanic ash Saga.

Having offered exemptions to large ferry operators allowing them to carry an additional 10% of passengers from France to Dover the MCA have also now issued advice to small craft operators.

In agreement with the French authorities and in the light of the desire by operators of small craft to cross the Channel in order to pick up stranded tourists, the MCA has stated that such small boat operators must be properly certificated in order to make such a journey.

Such operators must be able to operate a Code vessel in at least Area Category 4 – up to 20 miles from a safe haven, in favourable weather and in daylight – as required for vessels certificated as a workboat or certificated for commercial use for sport or pleasure.

Anyone operating such vessels should also be aware that such certification is only valid for UK waters and so in conjunction with a valid Code certificate for at least Area Category 4 operation, the operator will also need to seek clearance for their vessel to operate in French waters from the French maritime authorities.

The exemptions granted to ferries applies to these vessels when operating in fair weather conditions and in daylight since these larger vessels already carry additional life saving appliances which can now be utilised in the current difficult conditions in order to repatriate tourists stranded in Calais.