We Eat Well Cruising on Superyachts

A plate full of local Lobster aboard Tenacious

Did we mention the food?

There can be no doubt that what distinguishes one great charter yacht from another is the standard of the food served onboard.

It is quite possible to charter a superyacht with every amenity and water toy known to man on board but if the food served by the chef is not up to scratch, the charter seems to fall flat no matter how hard the other crew try to save the day.

So much responsibility lies on the shoulders of the chef it seems hardly fair on them but over the past few days we have had the very great privilege of eating the finest of foods at the tables aboard the charter yachts we have been sailing aboard.

Take for example, the lobster supper served on the foredeck of the sailing yacht Tenacious complete with corn dribbling in a spicy ginger and coriander butter served with crunchy potato wedges. Gloriously simple food cooked using the finest ingredients by chefs working in small galleys whose task it is to feed hungry charter guests. It is they who are the true superstars of superyacht charter. Other memorable meals aboard the sailing yacht included Grilled Wahoo steaks served on lemon pasta and a rack of lamb served on acorn squash and sweet potato puree. Quite delicious, this was followed by the most mouth watering Caramel Pear Tart topped with boat made vanilla ice cream.

The food on Aerie was equally good but created in a completely different style by the hugely talented Tracy Ireland a Canadian chef with over 20 years of professional cooking experience on yachts. Recently qualified Chef de Cuisine, Pro-Chef Level II from the Culinary Institute of America and the Culinary Federation, Tracy finds super yachting the perfect complement t her health oriented spa cuisine. She gave our taste buds a real kicking which started the moment we tasted her Bouillabaisse and the Pissaladière Niçoise, a caramelised onion tart which was topped with olives and anchovies. Boy was it good! Tracy also served us lamb but hers was cooked inside a herb and mustard crust and was perfectly pink inside, just the way we like it. She followed that masterpiece with caramelised pineapple sautéed in rum topped with vanilla ice cream, quite delicious.

Many chefs offer to cook Eggs Benedict for breakfast and generally we refuse, simply too many calories for little reward but boy, are we glad we took up the offer for breakfast on board this yacht! Tracy has given her sauce a mouth watering twist, other than that I am keeping quiet on the subject. You will have to charter the yacht to taste her secret.

Lunch that day included freshly baked Challah bread with a Turkey Cob Salad followed by sumptuous oatmeal cookies baked by Charlotte, the yachts stewardess.

Dinner was Caribbean Lobster served out of the shell on a carrot emulsion with roasted asparagus not only was the plate a picture to look at but the taste was devine.

Both Aerie and Tenacious are avail for charter in the British Virgin Islands through Fraser Yachts

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