Resorting to the Bitter End Yacht Club

The Bitter End Yacht Club and one of their Hobbie Cats

We leave Aerie and Arrive at Virgin Gorda’s Top Sailing Resort

It is always sad to leave a yacht and especially so when the crew have made us so very welcome.

Greeting us on the dock as we disembarked from Aerie was MaryJo Ryan, Resort Manager for the Bitter End Yacht Club Resort who showed us to our beachfront villa, one of the resorts newly refurbished properties.

We get a sense of feeling as we have come back home so relaxed is the atmosphere here. Much of the BEYC is how remember it, but much of it has been improved since Sandra Grisham-Clothier arrived here from the Peter Island resort to take over as Chief Operating Officer here. She has built upon the resorts strengths, cut away the weak spots and what is left is a vibrant fun resort that is the perfect venue for any family keen to enjoy themselves on the water.

The resort has an abundance of yachts that guests can use starting with sailboards and working up through optimists, hobbie-cats, lasers and even a fleet of keel sailing boats. Motorboat enthusiasts are looked after with a fleet of self drive Boston Whalers and Bradley 22’s which are 6.7 metre long power boats with large powerful outboards and handy bimini covers to give plenty of shade.

In fact it is a wonder to us why more sailing clubs, based in the colder climes, do not set up sail-in-the sun programmes and come down in groups to enjoy the boats at the resort allowing the BEYC to set up organise and even run regattas for them.

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