Super Yachts, Villas and Spas on Peter Island

Falcon’s Nest, the perfect place to stay ashore

Lifestyle and Wellness with all the style of a Superyacht

When it comes to comparing superyachts and luxury island resorts they have a lot in common. Never it seems is this more true than here in the British Virgin Islands where we have been invited to visit some of the more up market resort hotels.

Today we left Panache tucked away inside the pretty Little Harbour Anchorage after breakfast and headed off to the Peter Island Resort.

There we were greeted by the resorts general manager and whisked away by wonderfully cheerful staff for a tour of the property. Highlight of this was a visit to two of the most spectacular villas high up on the islands hills each with the most spectacular of views.

Crow’s Nest is a four bedroom villa that has a master stateroom very much along the lines of a superyacht and then three further double bedrooms. A swimming pool and a shallow pool for the children are adjacent and just for the use of guests staying inside the villa.

Falcon’s Nest is even more spectacular with its own infinity pool, water-fall, plunge pool and open air hot tub. This magnificent villa has six glorious bedrooms and comes with its own private chef, valet, chauffeured vehicle and housekeeper. At $18,500 a night for the entire villa and supporting entourage it pays to have thought about who among your nearest and dearest friends you would care to bring along with you.

Should those same friends prove to be a distraction then head over to the spa or call the well trained staff to your villa and choose from one of their extensive list of well-being treatments. If I can be so bold as to make a recommendation then I suggest you opt for the Tropical Lime and Ginger Buff. For this they combine local salt island salt with fresh lime, juniper, ginger and lemon grass which they scrub onto your skin. Washed off with a Swiss full body shower you are then anointed with an almond oil moisturiser. My skin has never felt so good and Michael says I taste pretty good too!

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