Souped-up Superyachts Explore World’s Most Exotic Corners

New breed of adventure explorers offer comforts of superyachts

Recently SuperYachtWorld magazine and subsequently CNN have carried a feature written by us in which we look at just a few of the worlds most exciting explorer superyachts

Here in the next few entries are extracts from our work.

They may not be big on looks but explorer yachts can realize even the most intrepid traveler’s desire for far-flung and exotic corners of the globe.

Explorers offer all the comforts of traditional superyachts but with souped-up specifications — an ice-strengthened hull to cope with polar ice or ocean-going capability.

Which means these tough boats can cruise from Patagonia to the islands of the Caribbean and from the Arctic ice to the Mediterranean.

They also come with an impressive array of gadgets and gizmos: Helicopters, fishing boats, luxury speed boats and state-of-the-art navigation gear are all among the play things likely to be aboard.

While chartering one of these yachts is not within everyone’s budget — prices range from about $100,000 to $500,000 per week, depending on the season — most people can relate to the fantasy of escaping the crowds and exploring some of the world’s most remote and beautiful spots.