Why we like her:

Atmosphere is more than a yacht — it is the perfect escape for the 21st century adventurer. It is a specially designed platform from which to explore undiscovered Chilean Patagonia in three ways — by air, land and water, using the yacht’s on-board vehicles, which include a helicopter.

Where has she been?

She has been based off the fjord-like coast of Chile since her launch. Her cruising area is 400 or so nautical miles from Puerto Montt in the north to the Taitao peninsula.

What Victor Espinoza her captain says:

“My crew will fly you in helicopters, drive you to see wildlife in special tenders and take you on rugged shore-based excursions in one of a fleet of all-terrain vehicles we keep ashore in strategically placed locations along the coastline. We can fly you in the helicopter to isolated ski slopes with virgin snow.”

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