Missing Superyacht Crewmember now a Police matter

Police have taken over the search for a 32-year-old missing crewman who failed to rejoin the super yacht Charisma on which he was employed as 2nd Engineer.

Pawel Kwiatkowski reportedly was last seen leaving the Willy-T in the Bight off Norman Island by tender and was reported missing to Virgin Islands Search and Rescue (VISAR) the following day

A VISAR team responded to the scene, where initial queries with witnesses who last saw the man proved to be “suspicious,” said VISAR President Phil Aspinall.

“Our enquiries made it all seem a bit suspicious, so we put in a call to the police,” he said. “It’s now a police matter.”

VISAR, Marine Police and a Blue Water Divers team joined forces to comb the area above and below water, for two days of intensive searching.

Mr. Aspinall said teams have searched as far as the nearby island of St. John, including several other surrounding islands and rocky outposts.

Currently, a police investigation is underway, said Police Spokeswoman Diane Drayton.

Police are continuing to interview crewmembers aboard the mega-yacht, is currently docked at IGY Village Cay Marina.

Charisma was scheduled to leave this weekend, but likely will remain in the territory while the investigation ensues, she said.


  1. These crew members have to “man up” and tell the authorities everything they know. There were reports that he was in a fight with at least one other crew member???

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