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Former Superyacht delivery Captain now turned entrepreneur Ben Young caught hold of us as we made a brief foray out to see the boats afloat. Ben created Sunseeker Yacht Management especially for Sunseekers owners this time last year and already has an impressive list of yachts under full management.

This year, he was using the show to launch two new services the first of which was a new crew finding service

Aimed at both owners and crew alike, the new Sunseeker Crew website makes crew selection and recruitment a seamless process.

For crew seeking jobs, information is provided regarding CV tips, current vacancies and job descriptions, and includes an option for potential candidates to register on the database so that when new suitable vacancies arise they can be notified.

For owners, the website assists with the recruitment process and, due to advanced candidate profiling, it ensures that when hiring personnel, candidates are not only suitably experienced and qualified but, even more importantly, fit in well with the owner and their family.

Ben says he can also provide hand-over and familiarisation training to new captains as well as continuing operational support whilst the vessel is cruising, undergoing maintenance or in emergency situations.

He also outlined an innovative online service that he calls ‘Virtual Yacht Management’ (VYM) He describes it as a system that ensures the smooth-running and control of all operational administration for a Sunseeker superyacht, while relieving yacht owners, managers and captains of the potential administrative burden associated with yacht operation. As well as improving management and efficiency, the system is expected to also generate financial savings in the day-to-day running of the vessel.

Believed to be one of the first of its kind, the new VYM system is a secure management system which offers instantaneous online access to up-to-date documents and information relating to the operation and administration of a Sunseeker yacht on topics including financial administration, chartering, crew, certification, inventories, safety records and procedures, and work lists.

All information posted and accessed on VYM is encrypted and is only accessible by authorised users. It can be accessed at any time of day – from anywhere in the world.

We will be looking at this new management tool in greater depth and will feature it in a future article for publication in one of the magazines we write for.

Ben is not just the founder and Managing Director of Sunseeker Superyacht Management – he is a Class IV, 3000 tonne certificated captain – told us: “We are committed to the continual development and enhancement of our core services and are leading the industry with these new systems, which have been designed to offer significant benefits to our customers.”

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