What Does it Cost to run a Super Yacht?

If you have to ask you cannot afford it

Rather like the age-old answer given by a Rolls Royce salesman to someone who asked what were the running costs of the new Phantom “If you have to ask, you cannot afford on” the true costs of running a superyacht are shrouded in myth and mystery.

A new Cost Calculator from the Luxury Yacht Group a full service yachting company that specialises in brokerage, charter, management and crew placement services is set to sweep away those doubts.

The company with offices in Antibes and Fort Lauderdale has released an updated edition of their superyacht reporting system with features to provide accurate customised annual cost reports.

The Annual Cost Calculator, is an online tool for managers, captains and owners and can help predict annual operating costs for yachts or perspective superyacht purchases. Written especially for yachts between 24 and 100 metres, it predicts on what can seem to be an endless list of expenses throughout the year. This is then presented in a report customised for that specific yacht that can be printed or emailed to the user.

To ensure accuracy the cost calculator uses fifty points of data to tailor an annual report. Users enter specifications about the vessel in question and click; submit to view their own specific costs report. The customised breakdown shows expenses across forty-four categories, including charter revenue. An email with a printable version of the report is sent to the address provided during the specification input.

Although the initial cost of purchasing a yacht can be quite substantial, it is just as important to know what the vessel will cost year to year. Buyers put so much time into working out a purchase price, though often overlook what their annual expenses will be.

In building the programme the company established and incorporated key variables about a yacht, which the program uses to estimate figures. Not all users will have access to the in depth information asked by the calculator, so the program is built with default values based on length of vessel entered.

A Crew Salary calculator and a Yacht/Crew Certification Guide, both designed to provide customised information is also included.

The program can be accessed here. http://www.luxyachts.com/Management/OperatingCostCalculator.aspx

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