Super Yacht Big Fish and the Frozen North

Even those who prefer hot weather will have a visit to the Arctic or Antartic high on a list of destinations to be enjoyed. To capture on camera polar bears and walrus in their natural habitat, to see calving icebergs and massive glaciers, to discover the Inuit ancient way of life and what better way to explore this amazing destination than aboard a super yacht?

The brand new 45m expedition super yacht Big Fish will be launched just in time to visit the area this summer and she is planning to arrive there using the North West Passage. Sought for over centuries by ocean explorers as a trade route between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, this sea passage through the Arctic waterways is only possible at certain times of the year when pack ice thins out slightly. But very few super yachts venture here.

The yacht combines a 10,000 nm range with proven systems and technology to ensure durability, reliability and ease of repair maintenance, a necessity in this far flung region. She also offers the highest standards of service and luxury with sensible green values aimed at protecting the environment. Opening bulwark beach terraces and floor to ceiling windows ensure no matter the weather guests can enjoy the nautical world and if all else fails watch the footage of what you saw yesterday on the 3 metre wide by 3 deck tall HD video screen.

Her Captain Winston Yoyce-Clark told us “When launched in early 2010, Big Fish will be unique in the charter industry built as a modern, fully-equipped yacht for adventure on any ocean of the world. She also offers complete safety, comfort, and luxury. With the size, accommodation, flexibility, equipment and crew to match any similar length yacht along with an extraordinary 10,000-mile range she has the capacity to cruise luxuriously for many months away from port.”

Virtually no seaborne adventure, expedition or cruise is beyond the scope or capacity of this super yacht. To prove this, her owners plan to take her deep into arctic waters on her maiden cruise. There, she will provide charter guests with a never-before opportunity to experience the beauty, extraordinary wildlife and vast, unexplored splendour of the high latitudes. Her rugged steel hull will provide mobility and safety in any condition.

With her unique stone decks, advanced security and navigation systems, fuel-miserly power and propulsion Big Fish will be the most ecologically responsible vessel ever delivered into the charter industry, while 27-foot-high main salon HD video wall, will make her among the most entertaining yachts ever launched.”

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