Improving Support for Maritime Training and Employment

It is now more than two and a half years since UK shipowners and seafarer unions submitted proposals to the British government calling for improving support for maritime training and employment measures.

Now Nautilus International the organisation that represents professional yachts crew are again calling upon the government to urgently adopt the package sought by all sides of the industry to help safeguard the future supply of skilled and experienced British maritime professionals.

They have instigated an online petition that calls upon the Prime Minister to take urgent measures to safeguard the continued supply of UK seafarers by acting on the employment and training proposals that were first presented to the government by maritime unions and employers in April 2007. Professional yacht crew are being asked to sign the online petition. Robert Garside asks, ” Those of you who have not yet done so please could you to take a few minutes to sign the E-petition. Please also ask family and friends. Every little helps as I am sure you know!” The link is as follows: They have been driven to make such a move following the recent announcement by the Maersk Company – one of the largest employers and trainers of British Merchant Navy seafarers – that it is making almost one-third of its UK officers redundant and reducing employment opportunities for newly qualified trainees, the need for action is greater than ever.

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