Yachts Moggie Saved from Drowning

Coastguard and Lifeboat save ships cat and the Captain

In heavy seas of the Scottish coast the Maritime And Coastguard Agency has co-ordinated the rescue of a yachtsman and his cat. They were forced to leave their 22 foot yacht Shaffa, off the Mull of Kintyre coast, when the engine failed in severe weather conditions.

At 3:20pm the yachtsman called the Coastguard informing them that his outboard engine was not working and he was drifting. Belfast Coastguard coordinated the search and rescue for the casualty by requesting the launch of the Campbelltown all weather RNLI lifeboat to the scene.

Ian Murdock, Watch Manager, Belfast Maritime Rescue and Coordination Centre said:

‘We have managed to maintain good communications with the yachtsman whilst he was aboard his yacht. I am pleased to say the yachtsman and his cat Sukie are safe and well on the lifeboat which is making its way to Campbelltown with the yacht under a light tow.’

The weather conditions at the time were North West Force 7 with severe overfalls.